Fall is Almost Here! What I’m Looking Forward to the Most is…

Can you believe the official start to the fall season is this Friday? Yes, the autumnal equinox marks the first day of fall each year — when the day and night last about 12 hours each. Cool huh?

Anyways, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite things about autumn in celebration of the start of the new season!

1. With the girls back in school, it’s nice to have more of a consistent routine (as much as I miss them when they’re away at class).

2. Being able to watch the leaves change color every year and the cool crispness that finds its way into the air.

3. Apple season! The girls love Fuji apples and pear apples. If it’s up to me, I love butternut squash anything.

4. The annual trip to the pumpkin patch. We’ve been going since Keara was a baby and Bret and I always manage to snap a photo of them in a sea of orange pumpkins. It’s too cute.

5. Halloween of course! The house is always so hectic around Halloween time. We always end up changing our minds on what costume to wear each year. But somehow we manage to figure it out just in time for the cousins to come over to go trick or treating with our family. It’s looking like the two girls will go as a pirate and Hermione this year.

6. And of course my biggest vice – TV! The new fall season line up looks irresistible with Dancing With the Stars, Grey’s Anatomy, H50, Glee, Smash…. I think I better stop there (thank goodness for DVR).

7. Any other year I would be really psyched for the NHL season to start. It’s no secret I’m a huge Sharks fan! Hopefully this unfortunate lock out comes to an end sooner rather than later.

8. I'm super excited to see how Tsu.ya sales are going and to look into how the success of our launch has benefited the Always Dream Foundation.

9. And last but certainly not least, skating season! Although I’m not “on the ice” anymore, I’ll be hosting a few NBC TV skating specials this year (dissonskating.com). I’m looking forward to seeing all of the young skaters compete in the Grand Prix series leading up to the World Championships.

What’s your favorite thing about fall?

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Sep 18, 2012 at 12:29 pm
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